Welcome to MCC and welcome to the Sea section.  After you've got your basics at the site or pool you (might!) be ready to explore some of the coast around the UK with us. It's a spectacular and demanding environment and we can help you explore it. We often travel to the coast around Wales and the North West as well as further to Scotland and for the (even) more adventurous on trips to Norwegian fjords and Iceland.

What we offer

We have some great paddlers in the section with a wealth of experience and qualifications. We have a couple of Sea Kayaks at the club which you can hire and try out. We'll post trips that are suitable for beginners/improvers here or on Facebook.

Tom Carlisle - Sea Leader
I've been paddling with the club for 20+ years and I'm a BC 4 Star Sea leader. I love paddling and I love sea kayaking. We're an experienced and well qualified bunch (several of us have 4 star leadership qualifications) and we're happy to help and advise beginners and those with more experience. Get in touch and we'll outline what we're planning (see the posts below)