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Boxing Day Race/Tour 2019


Meet in the car park at Brabyns Park, Marple Bridge.

Date and Time

Obviously its the 26th! Last entry 10.30, race starts 11.00 with the "Tour" participants (see below) starting shortly afterwards. Mince pies and hot drinks for everyone in the Club House after the race.

For anyone wanting to have; a gentler paddle, feeling too fragile to hammer down the Goyt or simply to full after their Christmas festivities to be competitive, there will be a tour down the river after the race. This will start at approximately 11.00, just after the racers have started. Sandwiches, mince pies and hot drinks are still included,

Rules (Generally ignored)

Entry to the race is free, and the winner shall be decided by a complex handicap system involving such things as water levels, the wind direction, the temperature of the water, air temperature, humidity and what happened in Coronation Street on Christmas Day. Only the organiser has the in-depth knowledge, experience and sheer brain capacity to understand, so please don't ask. However, don't be surprised if the organiser wins in the time honoured tradition!


Fancy Dress

Santa, Elves and Reindeer are the main themes feel free to ham it up although we're happy to see you dressed in anything that keeps you warm and dry BUT the quality of your costume could definitely improve your chance of coming second (see rules)

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